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Japan Factories

Ohno Factory which was built in June 1965, is our first JMS factory. Originally, we produce infusion sets and transfusion sets. Today the main product manufactured is non-woven gowns.

In November 1972, Miyoshi Factory was designed to produce JMS world-leading disposable medical products with maximum labour-saving and cost-saving systems based on the most current equipment available. Our current products are syringes, needles and fistula needles.

Izumo Factory is our largest JMS factory built in September 1978. We are equipped with the latest technology, incorporated with our Company’s accumulated expertise. We manufacture infusion sets, blood transfusion sets, scalp vein sets and blood lines. Our automated assembly lines for infusion systems are particularly outstanding in mass production of high quality products.

Built in January 1987, Chiyoda Factory is equipped with state-of-the-art ETO and GAMMA sterilisation facilities and an automated multi-level warehouse. JMS overall sterilisation and distribution functions are controlled here. In addition, we house the Machinery Project Division where our unique automation lines and machines are developed.
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